Under the Tuscan Clouds

Easter at the Tuscan Countryside

On Easter weekend I went with my family to our house in the countryside of Tuscany. After the infinite Easter lunch, where we had roughly 6 courses plus the iconic Easter egg, we decided to take a walk around the surrounding hills to feel less guilty about what we had eaten. During that time I realized how beautiful Tuscany is, and how grateful I am to have the chance to be here.

Under the Tuscan Clouds - image 2

The Tuscan countryside in spring

Spring is the best time of the year to visit Tuscany. All the flowers are blooming, the weather is nice -not too cold and not too warm- and all the late April holidays make it a perfect place to relax and get an early taste of summer. The weather during the walk was not the best, as the sky was cloudy, but the landscapes I saw during that walk, while laughing and talking to my family members, reminded me how unique this place is.

Green Tuscan landscape with rolling hills

Italy’s biodiversity

Italy has a very high biodiversity, with the highest fauna in Europe, and this can be really noticed when walking outside of the city. Hares, bores, deer, snakes, squirrels, but also many types of birds and insects can be seen while exploring the Tuscan countryside. And while walking, a nice way to spend time can also be to pick up wild asparagus.

Under the Tuscan Clouds - image 4

Tuscan countryside: the perfect break from the city

After a long semester living in the chaotic Florence, filled with tourists and traffic, the best way to take a break from the city is to go in the countryside and exploring a beautiful side of this region. Walking in the green and exploring a new environment gave me a new appreciation of my native region, which is not just filled with Renaissance art, but also the beautiful artwork that nature is.

“I’m Irene Piazza. I was born and grew up in Italy, where my family still lives. Now I live and study media arts in Richmond, VA. I make many types of art, such as videos, animations, collages, paintings, and installations.”

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