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Ciao everyone! 

As the semester is coming to an end, I am reflecting upon the amazing things I have experienced here in Florence. My time here was filled with rainy days and canvasses, gelato in busy piazzas, notebooks an take-away pizza’s and of course a lot of people watching and pastries in Florentine coffeeshops. 

Each of these cafe’s hold a special place in my heart and has influenced my experience of the town. These were the places where I met up with new friends, journaled, worked on my laptop or just sat and soaked in the fresh aroma’s of ‘originale Italiano cafe’.

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Address: Via dei Fossi 15 r, 50123, Florence, Italy

Opening times: Mondays- closed; Tues-Sun 10:00-20:00

Todo Modo is a bookshop and bar close to the river which makes delicious coffee in their custom-painted mugs and makes a mean slice of cheesecake (alongside many other delicious meals). Enjoy your coffee in an oasis of plants growing from the sunroof while improving your Italian literature. To check out the schedule of trendy events hosted in their theatre, check out their website here.


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Address: Via dei Macci 78/r, Firenze, 50122 Florence, Italy
Opening 8mes: Not what the internet says – open mostly throughout the day except Sundays.
In my first few days of living in Florence, and friend and I stumbled upon MalborgheYo and met an Italian couple who told us all about their life over their boYle of wine and fresh wood-oven baked panini’s. Since then, this very 8ny cafe is my go-to if I want to get out of the touristy centre of town and eat an affordable lunch or enjoy a great coffee. The Sant’ Ambrogio market is just around the corner, making it a convenient post-grocery stop.

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Adres: Via de’ ginori 56 r, 50123 Florence, Italy

Opening times: All day until 22:00 or 23:00. 

Simbiosi consists two parts: a cafe and a restaurant. The cafe is a beautiful small section built above a wine cellar (which you can see under your feet when you order coffee). This cafe’s relaxed atmosphere makes it perfect to spend your afternoons cuddled up on one of the couches with a acaii-bowl and a cappuccino. The cafe also stays open quite late, which makes it perfect for an after-dinner drink or snack.

Carla de Beer is an Applied Illustration Design major from South Africa, currently studying at SRISA for the Spring 2019 semester. She is also the founder of LUCA, an illustration-based online store. Check out or follow her on instagram @luca.illustration.


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