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Being Mexican and having the opportunity to spend a few months living in Europe, there is no limit of places I can and want to get to know, from different European countries to hidden villages in Italy. Since I am in Florence, I decided to travel to as much places as possible in the Italian Tuscany, it seems that I have everything just a few hours away!

Among the most emblematic places I found an old medieval city called: “Lucca” – which I would consider a village because of its tiny size and its small population of only 86,000 habitants. As a good tourist I looked for the must places, typical activities, etc. But I definitely did not expect to find what I found since I arrived. One hour by train from my current home in Florence was one of my cities that I consider favorites until now.

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The city of Lucca is completely walled by “Le Mura” that became a recreational park and common green area. Arriving at the station just taking a few steps forward I could see a river and an entrance to the wall through an ancient rock tunnel very attractive to any curious, so I decided to walk the entire wall as my first activity in my trip. Areas for picnics, games, museums and restaurants are now part of the wall so walking all the way around is quite enjoyable and gives you an approximate of the size of the city and the location of the most important buildings. After touring the wall I entered another tunnel that finally got me inside the city… it seemed that people were acting for the place, walking slowly and quietly, shopping in groceries stores full of fresh fruits and just baked breads; and of course, the first thing I came across- like in any Italian city- was the Duomo (La Cattedrale di San Martino), I almost entered as an obligation as a good traveler but the roof of the cathedral stole my breath as no church had done before, it was definitely worth entering this Duomo on this occasion.

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Among streets that look like a set created for a medieval film I also found a market of old books that stole my attention for too long considering its size, I found in the people of the city a very peculiar and nice warmth. Clearly I went to the most recommended Gelateria which name I won´t ever remember, but that gelato I can assure never forgetting… and I also tried the typical bread dolciof the place called “Bucellato” which is a bread with dried raisins that I personally would not consider a “must”.

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Among the have to goplaces I visited and most liked is the “Guinigi Tower” that after 230 steps that actually felt like 10, gives you the highest view of the city and where you can see the perfect image that describes precisely the so called “tuscan ceilings”: red, accumulated, perfectly imperfect.

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I spent the afternoon in a cafeteria overlooking the Piazza del Anfiteatro (must) and after a few hours, the most magical sunset gave me the farewell, Lucca was completely covered in a pink color that made it a perfect romantic scene even for a trip with myself.

“Alejandra Urrutia Matute a estudiado Nutricion en la Universidad Autonoma in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Ahora estudia en la escuela de arte superior SRISA en Florencia, Italia durante el semestre de primavera del 2019. Se encuentra en Instagram como @aleurrutiam.”

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