Aperitivo… Close to SRISA?!

If you like food, you’ll love Florence! There’s wonderful food around every corner (literally) and the best part, most of it is totally affordable. If you’re on a budget, Aperitivo can be a wonderful option.

So what is Aperitivo?  Good Question. It’s a meal offered at most café’s starting between 6-7pm where for a flat rate you get a drink and dinner. Sometimes dinner is served buffet style, sometimes it’s small plates, everywhere is a little different which just makes for more adventures.

Ok, but where’s a good place for Aperitivo? I’m glad you asked! If you’re coming from class at SRISA or live near campus (like most students) Nabucco could turn into your go-to place. They have amazing food and a great list of drinks you can choose from for Aperitivo. They offer a buffet style Aperitivo, and once a serving tray/bowl/etc. is empty the staff will likely bring out something totally new and different, so there is almost always something new to try!

Aperitivo... Close to SRISA?! - image 3

Specifically, at Nabucco, Aperitivo is ten euro (€10) which includes one (1) drink from the menu under seven euro (€7). And once you order your drink the buffet is all yours! Afterward, you can ask for your bill or pay in the front (bring cash, keep it easy). And for dessert… Nabucco might not be your place, and that’s ok. Gelato isn’t far away!

Aperitivo... Close to SRISA?! - image 5

And it gets better because Nabucco doesn’t just serve Aperitivo. They serve fantastic espresso, pastries, and more in the morning and paninis at lunch! The best part. it on the same block as three of SRISA’s Studio campus; San Gallo (the back entrance), the fashion studio, and the 3D Studio. They open at 7AM for early birds and go until 12AM (do note that Aperitivo ends at 10PM.)

If this seems like a lot to remember, just stop in, everybody inside is extremely kind and won’t hesitate to help. They also speak English if you’re Italian isn’t there just yet.

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