An Introduction

My name is Logan and I’ll be the marketing intern for SRISA this semester which means you’ll likely be seeing a lot of me. I’m currently studying Fashion at Virginia Commonwealth University. The basics you need to know: I love Food, Fashion, and Donald Duck.

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In case you’re wondering; yes the food is a major reason I decided to study in Italy and the wine is the reason I choose Florence. And the centuries of art history and fashion but that’s all just an added bonus really.

I’m not going to go into why I love Donald Duck specifically. I will say that I have a thing for Disney, and it’s not just because of the Mickey Bars. I love the art of the story and in my view Disney does a great job of it. I’ll leave it there before I go on into a lecture.

My favorite hobby when going to a new city is to find the best places a city has to offer. I’m sure you’re thinking that’s what everybody does, who goes places to find their version of the worst things? And I guess that really gets to the heart of it. I’m hoping to make finding the best places here in Florence a little easier to find for those who venture into the heart of Tuscany.

So while I hunt of the best spots in Florence I want to share what I find with any and everybody who might be interested in visiting Florence beyond the Duomo and Uffizi (which should not be missed, don’t get me wrong).



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