Sometimes the best things happen after the worst disasters.

BUG_5582-editMy name is Jayme Deville, and I am currently studying abroad with Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, everything was put on halt when Hurricane Harvey rolled into our coasts. Just when everyone felt relief when Hurricane Harvey turned into a Tropical storm, unprecedented amounts of floodwaters threatened my hometown, Lumberton. Within a week, I lost my house in the wake of Tropical Storm Harvey’s consistent flow of rainwater.
My family took refuge at my grandma’s house, which was now an island. I was out
checking water levels that Friday when I got an e-mail from SRISA, who I was already
corresponding with in hopes to study in their Spring [2018] semester. School was the last thing I wanted to think about; with all the damage, I was not sure how I would manage to pay for my education let alone studying abroad. To my surprise, SRISA graciously offered full tuition coverage for their Fall [2017] semester if I could study with them in Florence, Italy within the next 10 days. My family rejoiced with me, and I could not think straight from all the happiness. Although I was pressed for time, SRISA went above and beyond and helped me get my visa, checked over my travel plans, secured an apartment for me and my roommates, and set up the classes I take this very day.
When I arrived in Florence, I thankfully had no complications and instantly fell in love with Italy. I took that evening watching the sunset and processing everything. I began classes the next day and life in Florence has been absolutely amazing! I love my classes, professors, and all the gelato! I miss my family, but getting away from the flood waters and a junk yard for a house is always a positive. To come out of devastation to studying in Florence, a city full of beauty and antiquity, I live the dream and am eternally grateful for such a blessing.
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