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A few weeks ago during spring break, I ventured outside of Italy to meet up with my sister in Barcelona! It was a fantastic time spent together in such a beautiful culture and experiencing all that this huge and lively city had to offer us. I couldn’t help but think about the similarities and differences between Firenze and Barcelona, and surprisingly I found many things that these two places have in common!…



It’s safe to say that both of these places are homes to some of the most grandiose architectural masterpieces in the world.


The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (Gothic style) with Brunelleschi’s Duomo (Renaissance style) is the symbol that automatically comes to mind when I hear “Firenze”.




Antoni Gaudí’s iconic Basílica de la Sagrada Família (Modern, Spanish Gothic style) towers over the the city.





The views from above these cities definitely don’t disappoint! It’s a peaceful thing to be looking down upon the red roofs of Firenze or the vast expanse of Barcelona.






Whether it’s called aperitivo in Italy or tapas in Spain, going out for a drink and snack calls for small portions filled with big taste!






Both of these places have picturesque food markets filled with stalls selling fresh produce and small restaurants serving regional cuisine.


One of the colorful fruit/vegetable stalls on the ground floor of the Mercato Centrale.



Bright tomatoes hang as decoration in one of the market stalls at the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria.




Firenze and Barcelona contain various landscapes that everyone can enjoy, from the people who love a city atmosphere, to the more nature-oriented crowd.


Yellow and white building facades along with narrow cobblestone streets make up the city center of Firenze.

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The Fiume Arno flows right through middle, and has many bridges to connect the historical center to the Oltrarno, such as the lovely Ponte Vecchio.



On the outer parts of the city, there are gardens and parks such as the Giardino delle Rose and Parco Le Cascine.




Palm trees are scattered all around Barcelona, whether they are lined up on the streets or decorating the plazas.



The two mountains of Montjuic and Tibidabo are on either side of the city and provide incredible views from above!



Here in Barcelona, it’s amazing to be so close to the ocean! I found lots of people taking walks along the shore, playing volleyball, or having a drink at one of the many seaside restaurants.



It was a spring break well spent, and it just goes to show that traveling can make you see the many things in common that completely different places can have.


-Brianna Cariola

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