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My art thrives in this inspiring and dreamy city, and it is easy to see why! From observing the masterpieces of past artists on display around Florence, to viewing the monuments that stand tall across the city skyline, I always feel the need to capture each beautiful detail with my camera.


This place is filled with creative artisans working in various artistic languages, which influences my own work. Taking classes here at SRISA has allowed me to experiment with different photographic techniques and processes.


Each day in Florence holds beauty, and those who are open to it will find it. Here are the bits and pieces of inspiration that I found this month!…



Giotto’s Crucifix, Masaccio’s Trinity, and Ghirlandaio’s Tornabuoni Chapel frescoes are Renaissance works housed in the stunning thirteenth century Basilica of Santa Maria Novella.



Getting a taste of the contemporary art scene with the Klimt Experience at Santo Stefano al Ponte. Klimt’s paintings come alive through animation, video mapping, and light projections set to classical music!



In my History of Photography course, we learn about the origins of photography and the different processes through lecture and studio work. This is my photograph of a bicycle in Piazza del Duomo using the cyanotype process!



Darkroom images can be made without the use of film negatives. Here are photograms that I made with flowers and leaves by contact printing.



At my photography internship with Officine Nora in the Oltrarno neighborhood, I photograph the gorgeous pieces crafted by the talented jewelry makers! Here are some pieces by Martina Loncar.



The jewelry of Officine Nora is contemporary, unique, and fun! The owner Margherita de Martino Norante is in the midst of creating a masterpiece using the scagliola method.



And, of course, the ultimate source of my inspiration, the magnificent city itself, Firenze. A classic view from Piazzale Michelangelo at night. With views like this that take my breath away every time, the creative magic seeps into my heart and from there my art can only thrive more.


-Brianna Cariola

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