Firenze Photo Diary – Gennaio

As a student who is studying abroad here in Firenze for the second time, to say that this city has a special place in my heart is an understatement. I studied abroad here during the Spring 2016 semester and amazingly enough, I am back for Spring 2017! This city holds countless experiences and memories that I treasure dearly. Now I am making this semester about rediscovering the beauty of the place that captured my heart the first time.

On my daily walks through the cobblestone streets, I often come across little details of Florentine life that make me stop, take in the atmosphere, and enjoy the beauty right before my eyes.


One of the loveliest spots to see the surreal reflections of the Lungarno is Ponte Santa Trinita, where this couple is sitting and relaxing.


During the month of December and into the beginning of January, famous Florentine landmarks such as Ponte Vecchio and the city’s various piazze become illuminated with light projections!


Embracing childlike joy by playing with bubbles in Piazza Santa Croce.


In Firenze, there is an abundance of tiny cars, classic motorini, and picturesque bicycles. Sometimes I feel as though they are just waiting to be photographed.

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The city speaks and has many words to share, if one only slows down to notice them. I found this lovely phrase unexpectedly as I was walking through Piazza Santa Maria Novella last spring, and here I am again, one year later!


The unforgettable, grand beauty of Firenze. I am so grateful to see the Duomo everyday!

-Brianna Cariola

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