A Weekend in Paris

There is nothing quite like running through the pouring rain at midnight in Paris.  Authentic, exhilarating, and romantic– the City of Lights is best seen while dashing through its cobblestone streets using a newly purchased cape coat as an umbrella.  We did not let the weather deter us, however, and managed to check all our boxes in style with umbrellas at the ready.

Here is our weekend, including price range and corresponding “worth” factor according to yours truly:

The Louvre


The biggest museum in the world was easily my favorite part of our weekend excursion.  This place was so absolutely massive I only had time to see one of the three wings, but what it contained was the main course of a filling visual buffet.  I gazed up at the Nike of Samothrace, (also known as the The Winged Victory of Samothrace) and balled my eyes out properly just like I knew I would.  After studying this Greek goddess so many times on screen in my Art History classes, my eyes were finally able to carefully drink in one one of the most celebrated sculptures of all time in person!  It was like Christmas; a marble holiday.  We also got a chance to marvel at the beautiful royal interior as well as the Mona Lisa.

Cost: €9. If you head there after 6pm on a Wednesday or Friday, entrance is reduced to just €6 and the museum is open until 9.45pm. Entrance is free for under 26s on Friday evenings.

Worth it? Yes




One word: Macaroons.  Go here.  Just go.  You won’t get true macaroons like these anywhere else.  The romantic Victorian atmosphere is paired with these delicately rich little treats.  Buy a few and pair them with the hot chocolate, trust me.

Cost: 2€ per Macaroon

Worth it? For the macaroons and hot cocoa, yes.  Anything more is pushing it.

Grande Roue de Paris


Taking a detour from the group, I wandered around until I found the Grande Roue de Paris, or the Big Wheel as it more commonly known.  A short stroll away from the Louvre, the Big Wheel offers a breathtaking view of Paris.

Cost: 14€

Worth it?  Eh.


The Lock Bridgeimg_0155

Ah, the Lock Bridge!  We did it.  For those that don’t know, the “Lock Bridge” gets is fame from a tradition in which “Love-locked” couples write their name on a padlock, fasten it to the bridge, and throw the key over the edge into the river, thus symbolizing an eternal and unbreakable bond.  This trend ironically was sprung into fame by a romance novel written by Italian author Federico Moccia called Voglia di Te (I Want You).  With our Parisian dreams fulfilled, we sprinted back to our Bnb just in time to catch a taxi back to the airport.

Cost: 5€ for most locks sold on and around the bridge, unless you bring your own in which case it’s free

Worth it?  If you’re a hopeless romantic, then yes.


Le Marais Neighborhood – If you like shopping and can’t afford Gucci, this is definitely the place to go.  This little village is bursting with thrift stores and consignment shops boasting unique vintage at a good price.


Cost:  Low

Worth it?  Yes!

Notre Dame


This famous cathdral was truly breathtaking.  I sat in one of the pews and just took it all in.  Such a calming, humbling experience.  Notre Dame is certainly a cathedral rich in French history that is well worth a visit, (and its free)!

Cost: Free

Worth it? Absolutely



Musée d’Orsay 



if you’re an Art nerd like me and need to see Van Gogh’s brush-strokes up-close, this is the place to go.  Less crowded early on, and the have great deals for getting free.

Cost: Free IF:

-You go on the first Sunday of the month
-Under 18 year olds
-18-25 year olds who are citizens or long-term residents of an EU member state
-disabled visitors with one extra person
-Unemployed visitors
-Holders of a Paris Museum pass
-Carte blanche cardholders
-Members of the Société des Amis du Musée d’Orsay or of American Friends of the Musée d’Orsay

Otherwise tickets range from 9 – 18€

Worth it?  Yes


Aux Ducs de Bourgogne

img_0186This small little Crèperie had a brilliant bean soup!  The crèpes were best I’ve ever had for a great price.  Visit  www.aux-ducs-de-bourgogne.com to see their menu.

Cost:  Fair

Worth it?  Totally

Paris is truly the city of love, and I have fallen victim to its delights.  In a place where romance is around every corner, the only question is where you choose to let it take you.

Until next time,

Rachel Horvath

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