Profile on Christopher Caldwell

Christopher is with us this summer through his faculty-led program at the University of Colorado. He is the young man behind the lens, capturing the fun moments of our students around il Bel Paese!

Tell us why you chose Photography as your preferred art form.

The greatest thing about photography as an art form is that it utilizes the objective truth more than any other medium or expression of art. Photography is in many ways subservient to the truth. Humans, plants, landscapes, and animals all have qualities seldom seen in normalized settings. Those are the qualities I wish to capture and share with the rest of the world, just as the philosopher who identifies a new theory, such as gravity for instance. It’s properties, in relation to this planet, have always existed, always been a truth. Although, no one was necessarily aware of its causal relationship to the world until it was hypothesized and verbalized by Sir Isaac Newton. I want to be a philosopher of the lens, of form, and of perspective.

Can you give us some insight into your photography work?

Knowledge is the champion of the human experience. With it comes the dissolution of racism, prejudice, and injustice. Yet, this world is large and many factors preclude the spread of ideas, culture, and knowledge in general. As an artist and as a human being my goal is to soak up all of the knowledge I can about the world, and spread the knowledge I have received through verbal and visual communication. This, I truly believe, is the only thing that can bring peace and understanding to the world.

Is this your first time traveling outside of the US?

As far as international experiences I have traveled to Italy, Spain, and England before, however it was more of a limited cultural experience, rather than an academic experience. I decided to study abroad as a way to expand my cultural literacy and broaden my knowledge of art history. Studying and living in Florence has provided me with an experience that rivals that of any I have had in my life and allows me to grow as an artist.

What is your major back home?

Currently, I am studying at the University of Colorado for a B.F.A. in Photography.

You can follow Christopher’s work by checking out his website, Colt Photography.

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