Top 5 Must Eats in Florence

It’s not hard to find a mouth watering restaurant in Florence, Italy. There is no limit to the amount of traditional Italian and contemporary Italian restaurants you can find in and around the city center. Florence also offers much more than that, from Japanese to Mexican to fusion. We asked student Remi Bader to give us her top food picks this semester. Follow Remi and her Florentine adventures on her blog.

  1. Le Vespe Cafe – Yogurt & Fruit Bowl


2. La Milkeria – Chocolate Crepe


3. Golden View Open Bar – Seafood Platter


4. Dim Sum Restaurant – Ramon Noodles


5. Osteria delle Tre Panche – Truffle Ravioli


Photos and content by Remi Bader. Check out more of Remi Bader on her website.

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