Shelby Rider Fashion Shoot at Villa Bardini

Shelby Rider
Shelby Rider is a fashion designer with a strong background in graphic design and illustration. She uses her knowledge of various art fields to create garments with unique textures, shapes, textiles, and prints. Shelby is getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design at Virginia Commonwealth University and is spending the Fall semester of 2015 studying Fashion Design at Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA) in Florence, Italy.

She was one of two finalists from her university to compete in the CFDA scholarship competition, and the CFDA Liz Claiborne competition (Spring 2015). One of her Doha, Qatar to participate in a week long art conference (Spring 2015).

This semester at SRISA, Shelby has designed a collection of women’s wear. She speaks about her recent fashion shoot at the beautiful Villa Bardini gardens.
How has being in Florence impacted your works?
Florence has inspired me with its beautiful architecture and elegant atmosphere. Nothing about Florence is cookie cutter in any way, which only enhanced my need to do something unique.
What was your inspiration for your collection?
I have always been inspired by Victorian and Rococo themes. I particularly enjoy images of Marie Antoinette and the ladies at French court. I recently watched the behind the scenes footage of the Marie Antoinette movie, and the director talked about wanting to show the lighter, more colorful side of the story. I thought about what she would wear in modern times and came up with this fun and frilly collection.
How did the Villa Bardini Gardens provide a perfect setting for you?
I chose the Bardini Gardens for my photo shoot location because of the beautiful greenery and palace-like atmosphere. I wanted the shoot to be in a place where Marie Antoinette might actually spend time. The shoot went great and we got wonderful photos in the main part of the garden. We also stopped at the carousel and the Duomo before wrapping up.
What are your career goals?
I only have one semester left of college, and when I have finished, I would like to move to New York. I want to start working for a company as a design assistant, maybe even help with textile development, and learn everything I can about the business. As I progress in the industry, I would like to become a head designer for a brand, and possibly do work for fashion magazines. Eventually, when I have learned everything I can from my field, I want to start my own label and keep creating my vision.
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