Spotlight on Kylie Hernandez

Kylie is currently a college senior, excited to be spending her last semester of college studying abroad at SRISA. She is a double major studying communication arts and graphic design, and hopes to find a job in the creative world of advertising once she graduates in December. Kylie is a SRISA merit scholarship recipient. We interviewed her to learn more about her inspiration for studying abroad!

Kylie H Headshot

– Why did you choose to study abroad?

I chose to study abroad because I wanted the opportunity to fully immerse myself in a new culture as a way to both challenge myself to grow as a person and expand my knowledge in art and history.

– What is it about Italy that inspired you to want to study abroad here?

Florence is home to many historical art galleries and museums, and is known for its culture, Renaissance art, architecture, and history. I was drawn to this city because of my love for art, and also loved that Italy’s central location would allow for further travels on weekends.

– Why is language learning and cultural immersion important to you?

I believe that language and cultural immersion is important because it teaches people to be more understanding and open-minded. It can help to lessen the distance and misunderstandings between cultures, which ultimately creates a well-rounded society.

Standing outside of the Louvre in Paris
Standing outside of the Louvre in Paris

– What academic goals do you have while here?

Academically, I hope to expand my knowledge in art and history, while learning to think creatively from different perspectives.

– What has been your highlight thus far?
My weekend travels are the highlight of studying abroad thus far. More specifically, I loved being able to visit Italy’s coast and having the opportunity to eat incredible food from different areas.

Portovenere, Italy
Looking out over the Bay of Poets in Portovenere, Italy

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