Anyone for a Joust?

On Saturday I got the treat of watching a medieval reenactment group hold a jousting and sword fighting competition. Which, unlike the Renaissance festival I go to in Colorado, which is a staged theatrical performance, this was actually a competition of skill, training, horsemanship, patience, armor and elegance. 

By dumb luck I saw a poster around town advertising the event on Friday, and jumped for the chance to go see such a sight. A €10 donation to a local charity got me and a friend in with prime seats for photography and to see all the action. Of course everything was in Italian, but we were just happy to watch the event which was preceded by a parade, dance, drum music and plenty of costumes.

The next day was my second trip to Lucca, my friend and I rented and rode bikes along the Renaissance walls taking in a quiet and beautiful city that was founded by the Etruscans and became a colony in 180 B.C.E. Red tiled roof, towers, churches, and quiet streets make the city a peaceful day away. 

Monday marked St. John the Baptist’s feast day, or as it is known locally Festival of San Giovanni. Where the entire day comes down to a mass, parades and a historical and bloody football match between the neighborhoods, Calcio Storica. Even if you don’t have tickets to the football game, go see the parades with all of their tradition, costume, and music. All the people represent different places, people, authority and it is truly a glimpse back in time to the first game in 1530.

Oh and I must not forget the fireworks, starting at 10pm, they were fantastic!

~Rebecca Lee Robinson

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