When in Rome…

If you are studying in Florence it is likely you will find yourself in Rome for at least one weekend. This is a must for any trip to Italy and an absolutely wonderful experience.

So, when in Rome…


DO take photos with the men in Gladiator or Roman Guard uniforms. They will give you a fond memory and make your family and friends laugh!

DON’T eat in the heavy tourist areas, if you have the time seek out a place off the beaten path, do it. This is a reality for all of Italy, look around and find a smaller family-owned “locals eat here” place. The food, service, and most likely the prices will be much better!

DO join a tour, if you go to the big tourist areas, especially on the weekends the guides will be a bit more, BUT they get you in much sooner, and you learn a lot along the way.

Trevi Fountain

DO visit and throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, walk the Spanish Steps and see the Pantheon three FREE and beautiful things to see and do in the city. 

DO wear practical shoes, make sure to wear something that you can walk all day in or stand all day in (you’ll be doing a lot of both in all of Italy).

DO take time to rest, whether you get a caffe’, or take a nap, refreshing in the middle or late afternoon will leave you feeling better, and happier, to explore into the evening.

DO enjoy your travels!

~Rebecca Lee Robinson

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