“The Architecture of Drawing,” Zeuler Lima

The school hosted its first show of the semester this past Friday the 18th. It featured the art of Zeuler Lima.

“This exhibition explores the relationship between drawing and architecture in a collection of works in different formats. While drawing represents architecture and its spaces, it also presents its own space and architecture. The interest in this relationship was born out of the need to produce portable works during several trips in the last decade, leading to the appropriation of different supports that could be transported, folded, juxtaposed, printed and even discarded. Many of the works in this exhibition document the observation of urban and architectural landscapes and the use of notebooks and objects collected along the way. Some of them were reworked in studio and some of them were produced specifically for the rooms of the museum, from the intimate scale of the sketchbook to the embrace of the exhibition space. A drawing can be and express many things: a realistic image, a baroque perspective, a visual impression, a gesture, an experiment. Likewise, the surface that contains it can be more than just the plane of the paper and give it new meanings. More than finished works, this exhibition investigates the act of drawing.”

All of the students attended the exhibit opening and were extremely entranced by the works, which take advantage of the space they are in and really interacts with the viewer. Many students spent a lot of their time looking over his accordion style sketchbooks that were laid out on two tables and the intricate drawings that lay inside them. Many of the students stated that seeing so much work done in the show that it made them want to break open their sketch book at that moment and work more! Student Julia B. was very impressed by Zeuler’s command of space and keeping the drawings detailed without actually having too much detail in the images. She also was quite in awe of his strong lines and how secure the artists seems with his lines, there was no wavering line in any of the works.

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