NationaLook Fashion Show

The semi-annual Fashion Show at Santa Reparata International School of Art took place last night in the heart of Florence. In celebration of Italy’s 150 year anniversary of the unification of Italy and the treasure of Made in Italy, the theme of the show was NationaLook: A Fashion Evolution.

The students drew inspiration from three iconic Italian designers and mixed that important heritage with their own personal style. The lovely SRISA and local models walked to high-octane music at Club Twenty-One wearing styles of Classic Glamour, Blooming Renaissance, Eternal Beauty, and Lya Leon – A contrast of elegance. The collection Lya Leon is the first personal collection by VCU SRISA student Danielle Canfield and was inspired by designer grandmother Lya Leon.


Marcela Riano
Briana Cook
Victoria Hondlik
Amanda Carr
Alexis Germolus
Victoria Neunsinger
Danielle Canfield
Isabel Cole
Laura Erikson
Tanya H.
Sascha Connelly
Alexis Germolus
Marissa M.
Victoria Neunsinger
Danielle Canfield
Amanda Young
Show Plan
Jessica Corter
Press Release
Selina Bray
Show Production
Italian Fashion Industry students
Event Director
Enrica Guidato

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