From Beyond the Desk

December 1, 2011

All semester, I had heard that we had real talent within the staff at SRISA.  Not the known talent that lies inside the insightful professors, or the artful eyes that educate in the studios.  This talent comes from a deep and rather unexpected place.

Alessia Alessandri, the face that greets you first when arriving through Santa Reparata’s sliding doors, blew many students away at Nabucco Wine Bar on Thursday night.  None of us had heard her yet, and we weren’t sure what exactly to expect.  Once her and her partner had completed mic checks and gotten the guitars tuned just right, they transformed into committed performers.

Preparing to begin

You wouldn’t be able to pinpoint exactly what or who she enjoys singing best, as every song was belted with genuine passion for both lyrics and melody.  Nabucco’s aperitivi provided hungry guests with great snacks while the atmosphere gave way to a night full of singing and laughing, simultaneoulsy enjoying the musical duo.

Lisa Frare

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