Giorno del Ringraziamento

November 24, 2011

As we fumbled around the mess of pots and pans, bowls, various ingredients and roommates, someone said with dwindling patience, “ONE DAY WE’LL HAVE TO DO THIS ALL OURSELVES!”  The small kitchen and limited utensils forced us to be creative and innovative with our Thanksgiving dinner preparations. All of this in turn gave us a new appreciation for the work that we usually just happily reap the benefits of.

Homemaking Hot Apple Cider







I gave up on the entire notion of the traditional American Thanksgiving.  While studying abroad, I wouldn’t doubt that my fellow students had the same idea.  The months blur at rapid speed with traveling and other adventures, that I forgot that it was already the end of November all together.  When we arrived at school though, the festivities appeared to ring close to what my family members were doing in New York.  There were many tables connected and presented as one, with plenty of chairs for everyone and their guests.

Table decorations







Some of us were fortunate to have family members, friends, or significant others attend the dinner held at SRISA.  The staff worked attentively to provide the students and guests with a true holiday tradition that is not celebrated here in Italy.  Two steaming turkeys were accompanied by stuffings, vegetables and a variety of mashed potato dishes, collaborating from assorted family recipe books.

Students digging into side dishes







The air was still relatively warm for a late fall holiday, and I looked around the table to see the faces of professors and friends instead of aunts and cousins.  Although this Thanksgiving wasn’t spent with our conventional family members, it is one that I know I will always remember.  Music played, people chatted, and we all recognized just how much we have to be thankful for.

Lisa Frare

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