Horses in Florence

Coming from a small town located in Wisconsin, adjusting to life here in Florence was a bit challenging at first. However, I have managed to find a few things that remind me of home. My favorite part about Florence is the fact that all I need to do to see horses, is to walk to the center. I grew up on a farm with horses, and can knowingly say…life without horses does not seem doable. After a while, I begin to miss a horses musty smell and soft touch. I even begin to miss the personality of individual horses.

It does seem strange, however, that I can manage to get my “horse fix” in a city as large as Florence. Thus far, I have managed to discover two different types of horses here in Florence.

First, there are the work horses. They are the horses in which tourists throw their money to be pulled around in a buggy. Although they look a bit sad and tired, they push through the day because they know they have a job to do. That is what is so admirable about horses. A truly great horse will push itself as hard as it can, just for the gratification and praise from their owners, whether they receive it or not.

The second kind of horse I have noticed is the royal horse. They are properly groomed, well kept, and have a cheery look in their eyes. They stand around and look good until they are told what to do.

No matter what type of horse is here in Florence, I appreciate their existence. As strange as it may sound, they have kept me sane in my times of doubt. For all the fellow horse lovers out there, I’m sure you can understand. Being able to smell them, touch them, hug them, is just enough until I can be home and reunited with my horse, Tommy.

Kendelle Perkins

One thought on “Horses in Florence

  1. Yes, Kendelle, you’ve hit it on the spot! Although the cobblestone pavement in the center is not what I would wish for any horse’s “9-5” work week, I too enjoy walking by the Duomo knowing that I’ll likely get a glimpse (and smell) of my furry friends.

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