New SRISA Gallery Exhibit: Michael Loderstedt’s Utopia Revisited

The SRISA Gallery of Contemporary Art welcomes Artist Michael Loderstedt and his exhibition Utopia Revisited, from November 10, 2011 to December 6, 2011. In the exhibition, the artist presents several overlapping and interconnected narrative structures revealed through screenprinted, cut and folder paper houses and birds. The houses, modeled after actual addresses in the “Garden City” of Hellerau, Germany, borrow scaled-down details from the actual houses, and impart the interiors with a profusion of colorful imagery taken from his own garden in Cleveland. The paper birds, modeled from the magpie – a common bird in Europe – add another layer to the narrative.

The artist opened up the welcome reception with an overview of his work and the inspiration for the exhibition. Students, professors, and art enthusiasts around the community had the opportunity to pose questions and learn more about Mr. Loderstedt’s work.

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