Il Gatto e la Volpe

Il Gatto e la Volpe is one of my favorite restaurants in Florence. I’ve gone with some of my friends from Schreiner University and we found two features at this establishment that are worth noting: the black and white cake that offers a layer of chocolate cheesecake topped with a layer of white cheesecake all covered in chocolate syrup; and the house chicken which is slow roasted in a slightly spiced tomato sauce. These two dishes alone give off enormously aromatic and rich flavors. However, this impressive Firenze restaurant is so much more. While keeping the experiences of food traditional and genuine to the ”Italian” lifestyle, Il Gatto e la Volpe also manages to display art work and offers an impressive array of menu items at an affordable price. This resturaunt has become a safehaven and comfort for the Schreiner Students abroad who have fallen in love with Italy.
There is also The Fiorino del Casato Chianti that goes well with meat and or pasta. It’s smooth with an aroma that smells like grapes in the vineyards during the summer, and has a very modest taste. This delicious wine will make your mouth water and go back for more. If you’re looking for a great place to take your family out to eat, our Schreiner Students recommend coming to this fancy Restaurant. The service is great, the waiters are friendly, and if you have a hard time pronouncing the dinners off the menu they will understand you. Buon Appetito!
Il Gatto e la Volpe
Via Ghibellina
151r Santa Croce, 50122
Florence, Italy

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