I Miss Home But I Love Rome

A few days ago my friends and I went to Rome to see what kind of adventures we could get into. As soon as we got off the train some of us split up to go find a restroom, a bite to eat, and most importantly a map. I was the one who actually went straight for the map section because my friend Nick couldn’t stop begging for one. When we got the map we unfolded it and unfortunately it was too big and everyone could tell that we were lost tourists. We decided to walk away from the train station and view our map somewhere else so we could figure out where we wanted to go.

Our first adventure was The Colosseum and I must say when I first saw this beast, I couldn’t believe that I was there. I was happy that my dream finally came true and was lucky to be a few steps away from it. I wanted to go in but everyone complained that the line was too long, but I told them that they were crazy and we did not come here to waste our time and do nothing! So they finally agreed to go in and surprisingly, the line wasn’t that bad because it only took 45 minutes to get through.

I loved everything about The Colosseum and I enjoyed seeing the unique structure. When I was there I did come across some bricks that were loose and I could almost imagine how it was back in the days. It was such a great experience for my friends and I to see The Colosseum that day. After a while we ditched out and went to get a bite to eat. I had some amazing Bolognese and I enjoyed it very well because it was gone in 5 minutes and I ┬ádidn’t even realize I was that hungry!

After we ate we grabbed the fast train to get back home in 1 hr because all of us had a massive pile of homework to get done. I didn’t get to see the Vatican, but I plan on going again before I head back to the States. Once I get to see the Vatican my Italy trip will be complete!


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